DIY Video for Journal Refills and Lux Covers on the Cheap

How To + DIY / Saturday, April 6th, 2019

This DIY is so everything you could ever want from a budget-friendly DIY video. Normally stapling a booklet requires a specialized stapler that can set you back $30+ on its own. Here, the staples are cleverly set by hand.

The next big budget saver is the materials used for the Faux-dori style cover. By pressing together two pieces of pleather vinyl you create the look of leather for about 25% the cost of comparable vegetable tanned leather (which may not even be an option if you’re vegan!).

Cristina from My Life in a Bullet walks you through punching your grommet holes without a specialized hole punch, and then setting the grommets with various tools. The clever work arounds for otherwise pricy, specialized tools, will save you well over $50 when you’re getting started in this hobby.

Make sure you visit the webpage as well as watching the video, because she has some great grid paper printables to download for free.

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