Adding a Cork Vision Board to Journals and Planners

How To + DIY / Thursday, April 18th, 2019

There are actually two DIYs in this video I love, but creating a dashboard out of cork is so clever, we’ll talk about that first. In this video Geraldine Jayne shows how she made hers, which allows her to attach and swap out images and notes with decorative brads.

I am an incredibly changeable person, so the ability to change things out on the fly is like the gold to my Midas.

I know how bad that sounds, but it’s true. I am a gung-ho starter and a really bad finisher. Anyway, check out the cork board DIY starting at the 1:40 mark, then go subscribe to her channel: here.

I promised two awesome DIY-spirations at the start of this post didn’t I?

Toward the end of the video there is also a really smart idea for decorating faux leather planner covers. She uses a couple of layers of matte mod podge to seal on a temporary tattoo. I would have never thought of decorating planners with temporary tattoos. That starts at the 10:10 minute mark. Enjoy!

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