8 Traveler’s Notebook Hacks to Save You Money

How To + DIY / Sunday, April 14th, 2019

One video, 8 awesome journal hacks.

There is a ton of DIY and hacking gold in this video, but I was the most excited about the notebook dashboards with pockets. Of course that is the last DIY in the video, but I made a handy-dandy timestamp thinngie so you can quickly jump to the parts you need! It’s just below the video.

After you’re done, make sure you go subscribe to Plan with Shan’s YouTube channel because she is rad, and she uses Hobonichi, like a lot.

Enjoy our feature presentation! xo

0:01-1:30 Intro

1:30-4:19 Money-Saving Advice (Really smart stuff.)

4:20-8:08 Stapling Large Inserts Quickly Without a Deep Stapler

7:38-7:55 (Mini Hack) Don’t Staples Notes at All (Easily remove junk notes!)

7:56-10:14 Stick on Pockets (Avoid extra binder bulk.)

10:15-14:35 DIY Your Pen Loop

14:35-16:13 Clever Use for Sticky Notes (Another way to easily remove junk!)

16:14-18:26 Jump Multiple Notebooks Together (Fit more inserts in your covers.)

18:28-29:45 Make Your Own Dashboard with Pockets (Needs a laminator.)

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