Van Der Spek Journal Cover in Progress

Covers, Helpful + Technical / Thursday, April 11th, 2019

This week Janet, at This Bug’s Life shared photos of her custom, undyed, A5 Nomad being put together by the talented artists over at Van Der Spek. It’s a really neat peak into the amount of work (and leather!) that goes into one of these covers with built-in pockets.

Seriously. Look at all this leather.

If you want spy what goes into making a Nomad Traveler’s Notebook cover, I recommend you go visit the link to Janet’s blog I dropped earlier and check out all of the photos and the videos. Did I mention the videos? ‘Cause there’s videos.

It looks like they’re using roughly 2oz/1mm leather so they can get lots of layers in there for pockets, without creating a stiff product, with machine stitching. I might be a sucker for handsewn leather, but at this price point, these are spectacular. The inspiration is real.

(Sorry in advance, vegan friends!) For leather geeks, they actually discuss the leather that they use under their FAQ under “Which different types of leather do you offer?” here: Van Der Spek FAQ

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