Notebook Dashboards, What They Are and Why to Use Them.

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Dashboards are awesome.

At it’s core, a notebook dashboard is like the old duster jackets for books. They protect your notebooks. The most basic dashboards are little more than decorative vellum to tuck your individual notebooks into. More complex dashboards will be laminated, and may include pockets. The bulkier dashboards are better suited to wrapping around all of your notebooks together.

Which you choose, if you choose any at all, will depend on your needs. I rounded up some examples to help us understand the world of notebook dashboards. Let’s take a look at a few prime examples of different kinds and then we’ll talk about some good uses for them!

I’m a visual person.

HelloPapersCo Simple Vellum Notebook Dashboard

HelloPapersCo $8.73 / Set of 4

This is a great example of simple vellum covers. Hello Papers Co has a ton of different sets so that you can coordinate all of your notebooks. Vellum is a little delicate, so I recommend ordering the rounded corners to protect them.

BeeLovedDesignsCo $6-$8

This is a laminated style dashboard. It makes the covers a little tougher, giving them a little more utility. This company, in particular, has a few very pretty design options.

I’m a sucker for gold foil.

greenTdesignco $5+

This is a primo example of a journal dashboard with a ton of utility. It contains three pockets that you can fill with whatever you like.

You could, theoretically, use these as individual notebook dashboards. No kill like overkill?

So, how do you use the dashboards?

  • Decoration. You can tuck plain, kraft paper notebooks into simple dashboards to add color and personality to your journal.
  • For protection. You can paperclip things to your dashboard ’till your heart’s content without ever damaging your precious notebooks. If you don’t like things to look too ‘lived-in’ this is going to be your jam.
  • Housing frequently changing lists. Shopping lists, to do lists, whatever you need to have easily accessible, just slip them into a pocket or clip them onto a cover and make quick reference a breeze. AKA Post-It Note Hell.
  • Visual inspiration. Vision boards, inspiration boards, goal boards, whatever you call them, this is an exceptional use for dashboards. I like to look for images and quotes that embody my goals for the season and create a vision board to reference back to.

How do you use your journal and notebook dashboards?

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