Finding Planner Peace

Helpful + Technical / Wednesday, April 17th, 2019

Chances are you’ve probably heard someone use the term ‘planner peace’ in reference to their journal or notebook system. So, what is planner peace, and how does one obtain this level of zen, spiritual creaminess with planners?

Planner peace is really just being happy with your set up. The size, the inserts, the appearance, the accessories, even the feel and the pens. Folks spend a lot of time and money trying to nail down the perfect set up. Just collecting of all the different planner sizes and peripherals can become an egregiously expensive hobby.

Sylvia from Wright Your Life did a really beautiful, and personal, video discussing some of the pitfalls of collecting journals and referencing “planner graveyards”. I’ll drop that below, and then you can subscribe to her YouTube channel: here.

So what causes planner un-peace?

Sometimes you really just did get the wrong size for you, but just as often, it is the dreaded feeling of ‘but what if there is something better!?‘.

I’m reminded of some wise words by Voltaire, cautioning against letting perfect become the enemy of good. With that in mind, let’s talk about avoiding planner graveyards– you know, unless collecting them is your hobby. Just don’t confuse collecting with using.

What planner peace looks like, from Art Journal Girl, subscribe: here.

Tips for finding planner peace:

  • Know your needs. If you’re an artist, or a writer, you might find a pocket-sized planner constrictive. On the other hand, if you’re a bullet-list planner, you might find a large format, like an A5, intimidating. That’s a lot of page to fill! Do you need something you can throw in a purse, or something that can replace your wallet? What do you need out of your planner? –Read more about choosing your size(s): here.
  • Choose the right system. If you tear out pages when you ‘mess’ them up (perfectionists unite!), you may be happier with a ring-based system like the Filofax, rather than a notebook system like the Traveler’s Notebook. If you’re a romantic who wants to paw through used-up notebooks years after they’ve served their purpose? Well, you’re firmly in notebook system territory.
  • Don’t try to keep up with the Joneses. There will always be a new product and there will always be someone who loves it. When you find a size you like, stick with it. You can always get different covers in the same size to fit your mood without rendering your inserts obsolete, saving you a lot of money.
  • If you like a lot of accessories; pick a popular size. Research, in advance, whether or not the exact size you’re looking at will have all of the inserts and goodies you want.
  • Do not let perfect become the enemy of good.

Do you have any tips for finding planner peace that you’d like shared with everyone? Let me know!

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