Comparing 26 Popular Writing Papers Side by Side

Helpful + Technical, Paper / Friday, April 12th, 2019

Here I go geeking out about the technical aspect of… well, anything. In this case, we’re talking PAPER!

John from Fountain Pen Love did this rad fountain pen-friendly paper comparison between twenty-six different types of writing paper. Basically, he took a pile of familiar writing papers, and wrote the same thing, with the same ink, on one page of each type of paper, and then took photos of it all with his camera’s macro lens.

The cool take-away that I got from his article was that… paper choice is mostly personal. If you like a paper that is dead smooth, versus if you like a paper with some tooth. The overall quality of the writing samples did not seem obviously effected by the different paper types (smooth vs toothy), with a few exceptions if we’re really scrutinizing.

Muji Writing Paper had a little more bleed than I would like for a fountain pen writing paper. The Baron Fig Vanguard Notebook was a little more textured than the others, which (under an insane level of scrutiny) led to less smooth pen strokes, pretty much on par with Hp 32lb Laser Jet Paper.

As expected, Tomoe River paper, in either weight, was pretty much the gold standard of buttery-smooth inky goodness. What was less expected was that the Leuchtturm1917 Notebook and the Schöpfer Notebook (Hard to find in the US) were just about on par with Tome River in impossible-level paper page smoothness. While everything else was somewhere in between.

The exact paper types used in the comparison, in alphabetical order:

Apica CD15 Notebook, Apica Premium C.D. Notebook, Baron Fig Vanguard Notebook, Berlin Notebook, Black N Red Spiral Notebook, Clairfontaine Basics Notebook, Clairfontaine Triomphe Paper, Fabriano Ecoqua Notebook, Figurare Spiral Notebook, G. Lalo Verge De France Paper, Hp 32lb Laser Jet Paper, Itoya Romeo Notebook, Leuchtturm1917 Notebook, Life Bank Paper, Life L. Writing Paper, Life Noble Notebook, Life Pistachio Notebook, Life Schöpfer Notebook, Maruman W Report Paper, Midori Md Notebook, Mnemosyne 183 Spiral Notebook, Moleskine Notebook, Muji Writing Paper, Rhodia Dot Pad, Tomoe River 52gsm Paper, Tomoe River 68gsm Paper

Missed that link to the article with all the pretty-pretty pictures? Click here.

To sum it all up. …Write on whatever feels good to you. So, what’s your fav writing paper?

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