20 Poplar Hobonichi Weeks Covers to Compare Side-by-Side


I’ve said this before, but the Hobonichi Weeks planner size is my favorite of all the notebooks, pocket journals, and planners out there, so I am going to start my comparison posts with covers for it. This is a round up of popular Hobonichi Techo Weeks & Mega Weeks covers; the ones talked about in […]

May 3, 2019

10 Blogs to Follow for Notebook Inspiration

Link Lists

I wanted to share a roundup of my favorite links this month. Not all of them are dedicated to journals, but all of them are inspirational to the hobby. This list doesn’t have any particular order, with the exception that my currently favorite blog to visit is at the top of the list. 😉 Enjoy! […]

April 29, 2019

10 Steal-Worthy Monthly Planner Page Layouts


Monthly dashboard layouts, planner inspiration, and Instagram feeds to follow, oh my! This is a round up of my favorites right now, and I’ll drop Instagram tags below each photo in this list so you can go follow these awesome planners too. Enjoy the gallery!

April 20, 2019

Adding a Cork Vision Board to Journals and Planners

How To + DIY

There are actually two DIYs in this video I love, but creating a dashboard out of cork is so clever, we’ll talk about that first. In this video Geraldine Jayne shows how she made hers, which allows her to attach and swap out images and notes with decorative brads. I am an incredibly changeable person, […]

April 18, 2019

Finding Planner Peace

Helpful + Technical

Chances are you’ve probably heard someone use the term ‘planner peace’ in reference to their journal or notebook system. So, what is planner peace, and how does one obtain this level of zen, spiritual creaminess with planners? Planner peace is really just being happy with your set up. The size, the inserts, the appearance, the […]

April 17, 2019

Free Calligraphy Worksheets + Beginner Tips

Free Stuff, How To + DIY

This is a roundup of free resources to help you start, or improve, your calligraphy game. If you don’t already have a pen pal, this is a great time to find one and give yourself a reason to practice those penning skills! Fundamentals, Three Main Strokes Understanding vertical downstrokes at a 45% pen angle as […]

April 15, 2019