20 Poplar Hobonichi Weeks Covers to Compare Side-by-Side

Covers / Friday, May 3rd, 2019

I’ve said this before, but the Hobonichi Weeks planner size is my favorite of all the notebooks, pocket journals, and planners out there, so I am going to start my comparison posts with covers for it.

This is a round up of popular Hobonichi Techo Weeks & Mega Weeks covers; the ones talked about in all the Facebook groups. We’re going to start the list with the most expensive and then work toward the most affordable, …mostly because it seemed like a good way to organize this list as it grew into a monster.

On that note, the cost order is also determined by the maximum possible cost, so covers that have a lot of addons get ranked before ones that don’t, even if their base price is lower. Just something to keep in mind. I also hunted down all of the shipping costs to USA to see what the real total prices would be.

Whew! Okay, weird disclaimer complete. I hope this helps you compare different brands and styles, and balance them with your budgets.

Van Derk Spek Hobonichi Weeks Cover

CODEX | Standard – Van Der Spek

Price: (Base) $196 / €175

Dimensions (closed): 4.25×7.95″ / 108×202 mm

Specs: Made in the Netherlands. Fits the Hobonichi Weeks, but they also have a CODEX Mega for Mega Weeks at an additional $14.50 / €13. They offer a lot of customization, including over 60 colors and embossing. Clasp, pen loop, and bookmarks are all available as add-ons; the cost for all three is an additional $74 / €66. Custom foil embossing is available at $33 / €30.

A fully tricked out a CODEX can cost up to $317 / €284, with an additional $22 / €19.50 for shipping, which is why it just narrowly lands in our number one spot for priciest Habonichi Weeks-sized cover.

Store Page: VDSshop.com

Gillio Appunto Slim - Hobonichi Weeks & Mega leather cover.

Appunto (Slim) – Gillio

Price: $278 / €249,00

Dimensions (closed): 4.72×7.87″ / 120 x 200 mm

Specs: Made in Belgium. Fits both Weeks and Mega, and comes in 13 colors. This planner comes in Gillio’s signature epoca leathers, and comes with a free Classico pen worth $78 / €70. Gillio offers free worldwide shipping on orders over $503 / €450.

Store Page: Gillio.be

Official Habonichi Techo Weeks Cover, Liberty Fabrics

Habonichi Weeks Official Covers

Price: Typically $140+

Dimensions (closed): 4.7×8.2″ / 120×208 mm

Specs: Made in Japan. The official company comes out with new covers every year, and then discontinues them when the season is over, so they are all pretty much ‘limited edition’. They do not ship internationally, so you’ll need a third party seller, which bumps the price up.

Store Page: Try Amazon, Ebay, or Habonichi Facebook groups frequently.

One Star Leather Goods Hobonichi Weeks Cover Custom Planner Journa

Weeks – One Star Leather Goods

Price: $75 (Base)

Dimensions (closed): Not disclosed.

Specs: Made in California, USA. Beautifully hand sewn with 14 colors to choose from, and 18 thread colors. You can add a pen loop $15, a snap closure $15, and card pockets for $25. With $4.57 in shipping you arrive at a maximum possible cost of cost of $134.57.

Store Page: OneStarLeatherGoods.com

Pink Mega Weeks Leather COver from Foxy Fix

Original Weeks & Weeks Mega – Foxy Fix

Price: $75 (Base)

Dimensions (closed): 4.25×8″

Specs: Made in Northern Idaho, U.S.A and available in 18 colors. Embossing is available with foil fill on the front and spine. You can spend up to $23 on these extras, and an additional $10 if you want the petal pocket configuration. Shipping runs $7.38, and puts you all in at a max of $128.38.

Store Page: FoxyFix.com

Weeks – Galen

Price: $69 (Base)

Dimensions (closed): 4.3×8.6″ / 11x22cm

Specs: Made in Turkey. Comes in both Weeks and Mega sizes for the same price. They offer five colors, and the ability to add on elastic $12, a leather tag $8, a brass charm $8, and engraving for $10. Shipping on this item is $9.80, totalling a maximum of $116.80.

Store Page: GalenLeather.com

Sojourner Weeks Leather Planner Cover for Hobonichi Techo Mega

Weeks – Sojourner USA

Price: $95

Dimensions (closed): Not specified.

Specs: Made in USA. A trifold cover that fits both weeks and Mega without cover on cover. Shipping is $7.25, bringing you up to $102.25 all in.

Store Page: SojournerUSA.SquareSpace.com

Chic Sparrow Habonichi Techo Weeks Journal Planner Cover in Leather

Outlander Weekly – Chic Sparrow

Price: $75 (Base)

Dimensions (closed): Not specified.

Specs: Made in North America, with chrome-tanned, hot-stuffed leather, with a semi-glossy finish. Available in three colors. Personalized inscriptions are available for an additional $15. Including a box for shipping (probably a good idea) is $2, and shipping is about $10 for standard. All in, you’re looking at up to $102.

Store Page: ChicSparrow.com

LeCow Hobonichi Weeks Cover Leather

Weeks – le Cow

Price: $72 (Base)

Dimensions (closed): 4×8.85″ / 205x225mm

Specs: Workshop location not specified beyond Asia-Pacific. They offer 14 colors, with your choice of stitching color. There is an option to add a front pocket $7, button closure for $1-$2, and pen loop for $1.

With $12 shipping and all the trimmings, you’re all in at $94.

Store Page: LeCow.Store

Makers South Leather Journal Planner Cover

Weeks – Makers South

Price: $45 (Base)

Dimensions (closed): Not disclosed.

Specs: Made in an undisclosed place, but appears to be in the USA, with 11 colors to choose from with 18 different thread colors. There are a lot of bells and whistles to add on; full stitching deatil $7, left & right pockets $10, front pocket $8, card pockets on both sides $8, locking pen loop $8, and snap closure upgrade $8. With a low $3.28 shipping, means you’re max price is $96.28

Store Page: MakersSouth.com

Eternal Leather Goods Natural Hobonichi Weeks Mega Cover - Minimalistic Planner

Minimalist – Eternal Leather Goods

Price: $59.90 (Base)

Dimensions (closed): Not disclosed.

Specs: Made in Hong Kong. Vegetable tanned and hand sewn. The undyed version will develope a beautiful patina over time. You can choose to dye it one of two other colors for an additional $5, with $5 shipping, your max cost is $69.90.

Store Page: EternalLeatherGoods@Etsy

Popov hand sewn leather planner journal cover for hobonichi weeks.

Weeks – Popov Leather

Price: $64

Dimensions (closed): / 11×20.5 cm

Made in Canada. Gorgeously hand sewn leather. Offers four different colors, and allows a choice of three thread colors. Fits both Weeks and Mega, with a lifetime guarantee. You also have a choice of pen loop and engraving at no additional cost, coupled with free shipping in North America. Your cost is $64.

Store Page: PopovLeather.com

Weeks – Bassy & Co

Price: 56.98

Dimensions (closed): 4.4×8″

Specs: Made in West Virginia, USA. Features thick, 6-7oz venegetable tanned leather in 9 colors with 12 thread color options. with shipping at $4.19, the total cost is $61.17.

Store Page: BassyAndCo@Etsy

Hand stitched leather t - Hobonichi Weeks Leather Planner Cover

B6 Slim Weeks – Hand-stitched Leather T

Price: $60.39

Dimensions (closed): 3.94×7.48″ / 10×19 cm

Specs: Made in Ukraine. Available in 8 colors and meticulously hand stitched. *This is a one-woman workshop so she only accepts so many orders at a time.

Store Page: HandstitchedLeatherT@Etsy

Distressed & Matter Hobonichi Leather Covers from Mihai

Weeks – Mihai

Price: $54 (Base)

Dimensions (closed): Not Disclosed

Specs: Made in Romania. Available in a gorgeous distressed brown, or a matte black. Add your monogram for an additional $4.50. They offer free shipping to the US, which means your maximum price will be $58.50.

Store Page: MihaiLeather@Etsy

Double Mega Weeks Hobonichi Floppy Cover

The Double Weeks – Asian Vintage TN

Price: $47

Dimensions (closed): 4.5×7.6″ / 11.5×19.5 cm

Specs: Made in China, but ships from US. It is made with genuine soft leather in dark brown. This beastie is made to hold two Mega Weeks without any overhang. It also includes Traveler’s Notebook-style elastics. With $4.75 in shipping, the total here is $51.75.

Store Page: AsianVintageTN@Etsy

Ego friendly vegan leather cover for hobonichi weeks.

Eco-Friendly Weeks – Cadeneta Notebooks

Price: $34.70

Dimensions (closed): Not disclosed.

Specs: Made in Spain. Beautiful machine washable paper cover in three colors, with a choice of 10 organic cotton thead colors. It can be hand washed or washed in the washing machine at max 40º (with no detergent). Shipping costs $5.78, for a total cost of $40.48.

Store Page: CadenetaNotebooks@Etsy

Fabric Hobonichi Weeks Cover, Faux Leather Spine

Fabric Weeks – Mama Booclay

Price: $25

Dimensions (closed): Not disclosed.

Specs: Made in Arizona, USA. Beautiful fabric design with a faux leather (vegan friendly!) spine option at no additional cost. Only fits the weeks, and not the Mega. Shipping costs $3.22, bringing the total cost to a very affordable for the quality $28.22.

Store Page: Mamabooclay@Etsy

Salty Katie Jelly Cover for Hobonichi Weeks

Jelly Weeks – Salty Katie

Price: $16

Dimensions (closed): Not disclosed.

Specs: These covers are made with super cute jelly sheets. There are 8 different jelly cover styles, and 16 colors of elastic to customize with. She does sell out often, so make sure you buy when you see them unless you are really patient! With $3.75 Shipping, this is the most affordable Hobonichi Weeks cover in my round up, at a total of $19.75.

Store Page: SaltyKatie.com

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